Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kiss My Sass

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Kiss My Sass (Primrose Minnesota Book 5)
St. Thomas + Army Ranger = Tropical Boot Camp.
Tucked in a tropical paradise, sixth grade teacher Marnie Carpenter has no idea how chaotic witnessing a wedding can be – especially with a groomsman obsessed with detail. Never mind he’s easy on the eyes and oh so sexy, he’s also bossy, domineering and entirely too structured for his own good. Retired Army Ranger Ryker Adams readily accepts his assignment to attend his teammate's marriage and learns the true meaning of DRAMA when he must call upon his specialty training to secure a certain unruly witness. A drop-dead gorgeous, tiny stick of dynamite wired for destruction, Miss Carpenter proves to be one of the most difficult assignments he’s ever undertaken. Challenged at every turn, Ryker does his best to accommodate her independence while keeping her under thumb, an act that proves almost impossible. Yet, while sparks fly between them, the couple dodges both danger …. and desire.
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Smashwords ~ Amazon</ a> ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iTunes About The Author diamondMia Dymond I write contemporary romance novels with sexy, alpha males and females with attitude to boot. I live in a zoo,hold down a full time job, and am trying to coax my creative muse from her cage. So BEWARE, the madness may rub off on you! ~ Facebook   Other books in this series: Playing With Fire</ a> (Primrose Minnesota Book 1) playing with fire Liberty doesn't come cheap. In fact; she costs $200 an hour. Dr. Liberty Prescott is trained to heal. Problem is, she can't heal herself. Fire Inspector Shane Hartwell fights demons in the dark. Desperate to end his torture, he seeks Liberty's help. As attraction sparks between them, an arsonist burns out of control and evidence points straight to Liberty. Against his heart's denial, Shane accuses her until new evidence emerges. Now with his heart in his hands, can he reclaim hers?   Positively Criminal (Primrose Minnesota Book 2) Positively Criminal Dr. Sabrina Miller is the queen of camouflage, and keeps her closely-guarded secrets locked deep in her heart. Detective Jake Rawlings knows he holds the golden key to unlock Sabrina's secrets, even if she claims otherwise. Yet, when someone other than Jake discovers what she keeps hidden, he must trust his instincts to keep her alive.       The Rogue Reviewer (Primrose Minnesota Book 3) The rogue reviewer Be careful what you wish for - that's what romance novelist Dara Hamilton reminds herself when she finds a corpse in her living room. Detective Mace Turner always gets his man, even if that man is a beautiful woman. Pummeled by erotic images planted in his mind by Dara's talent, Mace vows to find the person responsible for murder. Little does he know, that person may be right under his nose.     Tri Me (Primrose Minnesota Book 4) Tri Me What happens at Girls Night Out, stays at Girls Night Out-unless someone is murdered. Defense attorney Alex Jennings intends to follow the code until her life is threatened by an anonymous caller. Former Detective Jackson Stewart knows it is in his best interest not to interfere with Ladies Night, but when Alex seeks his help, he has no choice but to man-up and take one for the team.  

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