Sunday, November 1, 2015

Released November 1st from Yellow Silk Dreams and Muffy Wilson along with 21 of the freshest, most talented bestselling NYT, USA Today, Amazon, and International 
Award-Winning authors with Sizzling Holiday Stories that'll light 
your fireplace and warm your cockles!!

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Put Your Ho Ho’s On
21 Awesome Authors
by Muffy Wilson  (Author)
Airicka Phoenix  (Author), Ashen White  (Author), Bernard Tristan Foong (Author), 
Blak Rayne  (Author), C.P. Mandara (Author), Erzabet Bishop  (Author), 
Gale Stanley  (Author), Gemma Parkes  (Author), Gina Kincade  (Author), 
Jacintha Topaz  (Author), Ju Ephraime (Author), Kiki Howell  (Author), 
Maddie Taylor  (Author), Pablo Michaels  (Author), Paige Matthews  (Author), 
Phoenix Johnson  (Author), P.T. Macias  (Author), R.B O'Brien  (Author), 
Rebecca Lorenson (Author), Sky Purington  (Author)

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A Plethora of Prurient Pleasures
This Box Set is a plethora of prurient pleasures, with 21 erotic delights within a single book! It delivers arousing entertainment in spades. I have had occasion to read many of the authors contributing to this anthology and picked up a copy as a gift for a friend because of them. I knew from their reputation of being International and Award Winning Bestselling authors that they wouldn’t participate unless it was of the highest quality. Additionally, I received an advance copy and I can testify, oh Lord can I testify, that these surpass even my expectations. Enclosed are 21 full-length stories from some of the very best wordsmiths writing provocative romance today. You are sure to find old favorites and make new in this cross-genre collection of Literotica’s finest authors. Here, dip your pinkie in and have a taste; it is sure to please—one way or another! This also makes a wonderful “curl up and let’s get cozy” read with a lover or Christmas delectable delight for a friend. Treat yourself, take my word for it. Treat a friend…they will thank you (appropriately) for the gift of pleasure that keeps on giving. xo
~ PA Jiuditta

Muffy Wilson
Christmas Marine
Carpe Marine Christmas Package
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Airicka Phoenix
Heads or Tails
“Heads, I’m yours. Tails, you’re mine.”
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Ashen White
8 Yule Swords
“A coven of skyclad witches initiates a novice on the Longest Night of
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Bernard Tristan Foong
Naughty Bad Boys
“Let’s be naughty and bad. That’ll save Santa the trip.”

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