Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Star Cured

Review 5/5 Stars!!

Seventeen-year-old Tayla will never forget Beast’s fiery-venom spreading through her body like an infection. Now, with her best friend Chel’s help, she must find a human true love before the last petal falls from her enc...hanted rose or the full moon will transform her into a wolf forever.

But Tayla never expected that her biggest obstacle would come from inside—a wolf presence threatening to take her very soul. At every turn, the she-wolf exploits Tayla’s weaknesses and gains enough control to sabotage her dates. Tayla struggles to control her unruly wolf and her forbidden attraction to Beast. But can she resist his southern charm, the she-wolf’s attraction to his alluring scent, and still fall in love with a human?

Tangled in a web of wills, Tayla must risk everything to break the Curse of the Beast. With failure and possible death looming overhead, Tayla will do anything to find true love. But will one moon cycle be long enough to conquer her wolf and remain human? Or will she become a permanent member of Beast’s pack? Find out in the second installment in the Curse of the Beast series.
 Wow!! This book was even better than the first. I finish Curse of the Beast and Star Crossed in less than 2 days, I could not put these books down. This is an amazing series and now one of my favorites. I fell in love with Beast and Tayla even more in this book than the last with everything they have to go through. It is hard to say too much about the book without giving away too much. But if you have read Curse of the Beast I highly doubt you will be able to stay away from Star Cursed and you wont want to stop reading. This book will leave you satisfied with the ending and excited when you see it is only the end for now. I will be on the look out for when the next book will be released and can't wait to read more about all the characters i love in this series.