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Blog Tour ~ The Shoe by Trista Jaszczak

Title – The Shoe

Series – The Believe Series – Book #2

Author – Trista Jaszczak

Genre – Romance, fairy tale retelling

Publication Date – 6 August 2013

Publisher – Front Porch Romance

Cover Artist – Designs by Charisma


All Blair Miller has ever wanted was to study fashion in New York City. But as one door closed for her, another door opened. A bright and beautiful door that led her straight to a job at celebrity frequented, high end fashion boutique, ATTRAYANT, where she has now worked for years. When an invitation arrives for a masked ball that is being thrown to celebrate a world famous rock band’s new album, Blair finds herself being transformed into Cinderella for the night. When Blair not only falls for Prince of Rock, Hunter but also loses a precious $8,000.00 shoe, she finds herself in possibly the biggest mess of her entire life. How can she reveal who and what she really is to Prince Charming? How can she afford to replace such an expensive shoe? With the help of her two “Fairy God Fathers” who are pushing for her happily ever after…anything could happen.

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~About the Author~

Trista Jaszczak (pronounced jazz-ick) is an Air Force wife and mother of two who is originally from
Hamilton, Ohio but calls Anchorage, Alaska her home. She's published 4 novels so far and written more than 30. She has a deep passion for writing, music, her guitar, her kids and her four-legged babies.

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By the time I reach Camilla’s shop, it’s already open. I sneak inside, arm full of clothes and I hear Christian wailing, “Oh, my God, Blair!” He runs up to me and wraps his arms around me, “I thought you were dead!”
            “I’m so sorry!” I cry out, “I don’t know what happened, I just fell asleep.”
            I hear Anthony running up behind me, “Blair! Are you okay?”
            I nod, “I’m fine. I just fell asleep.”
            They both exchange glances and then glare at me, “Fell asleep where?”
            My mouth opens and I sigh, “It’s a long story.”
            I feel Christian beginning to the Harry Winston necklace, the dress and the shoes.
            “Blair, what on Earth are you wearing?” Anthony cries, “This is not a fashion statement.”
            I hear a rustling noise and see that Christian is carefully hanging the dress up to be steamed.
            “Have a good night?” Anthony winks as I finally catch a glimpse of my hair. Good thing I did wake up before Derek. I give the cow lick a push down and give my head a slight nod.
            “Blair!” I hear Christian holler. “Blair, honey where is the other Louboutin?”
            “What do you mean?” I ask, “it’s right there.”
            He shakes his head, “I have the dress, the necklace and one shoe.”
            Anthony laughs, “Blair, honey when we called  you Cinderella, we did not mean for you to take that literally.”
            My eyes grow wide, “Oh my God,”
            “Blair, did you honestly lose a shoe?” Christian asks. “Blair, those are seventy-five hundred dollar shoes!”
            I shake my head, “I don’t know. I don’t think so. I grabbed them both when I left.” I stop myself.
            “When you left where?” Anthony asks.
            “I told you, it’s a long story.” I say as I begin trying to think.
            “Did you at least get his number?” Christian asks.
            I shake my head as I run my hands down my face, “Oh my God. I’m going to get fired.”
            Christian shakes his head, “We’ll pay for the damn things before you get fired. I won’t have it.”
            “Blair, honey, what happened last night?” Anthony asks as he’s now standing behind the counter, where Camilla would freak if she ever saw him, and is reading a copy of the New York Post.
            “I went to the Hidden Ball, where you two sent me.” I say giving him the side eye.
            Anthony shakes his head and laughs as he holds up the copy of the New York Post. I read the headline carefully and then have to read it again.

Huntsmen’s Hidden Release Masquerade a Hit.

Hunter Snags Ball Belle.

            There, at the bottom is a photo of Derek and I, in a warm embrace on the dance floor.
            “Well, hell, when I said go meet Prince Charming, you went all out.” Christian laughs.
            “Oh, my God.” I mumble, sliding to the floor. “Oh, my God.”

~Character Bios~
Age: 28
Height : 6’1” ish
Eyes: Blue eyes
Hair: Short, styled dark hair
Facial hair: Stubble most days, shaved the rest
Tattoos: yes - right bicep, half sleeve. Both wrists, both ankles, down the spine.
Build: Extremely well defined and muscular.
Huntsmen band role: Lead vocals and guitar

A tee shirt and jeans kind of guy. He’s laid back, charming, sweet and romantic. He’s the ultimate prince charming armed with a guitar, killer voice and deadly good looks.

Age: 28
Height: 5’11”
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Tattoos: yes - just one, so far….left bicep, a Les Paul guitar
Build: Muscular, very well defined
Huntsmen band role: Vocals and guitar

A basic kind of guy who uses his guitar and good looks to snag the ladies. A well known ladies man that is just waiting for the right kind of girl to come around and knock him down a peg or two.

Age: 28
Height: 5’10”
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short, brown, always styled
Tattoos: Planning one across the upper back
Build: Muscular, very lean and toned.
Huntsmen band role: bass and some vocals

Basic jeans and tee shirt kind of guy, grew up poor so he appreciates what he has now. Loves his family but is a bit of a ladies man and does shuffle from one gal to the next leaving a trail of broken hearts.

Tyler (Ty)
Age: 28
Height: About 6’
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, shaggy and usually messy like a surfer’s
Tattoos: None
Build: Medium build, toned
Huntsmen band role: drums

Another laid back and basic guy. Loved the ladies until Blair’s best friend Lyndsey stole his heart. He’s a lover, not a fighter, and while he loved the fast life before he’s loving slowing down with Lyndsey and being the second Huntsmen to take the plunge.

Age: 25
Height: Somewhere around 5’8”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long, blonde and beautiful
Tattoos: One recent, right shoulder.

Blair is level headed, wide eyed, and outgoing. She’s fun loving and dreamed of being a fashion designed. She’s got her wish as she’s now the head of wardrobe for The Huntsmen. Best friend’s Christian and Anthony have her back in hair, make-up and life.

~Author Playlist~

Trista could you please share a list of the music you listen to when you write:
When I write I listen to a huge mix. I mean…HUGE. I currently have 2,023 songs that I cycle through on my computer that just go on continuous play while I write. So, I’m going to share some of my absolute favorites!
Teenage Dirt bag by Wheatus - This one is super special to me. My best friend was killed at 17 and this song had came out not too long before and this became our theme song.
Unity by Shinedown - I love everything about this song. The lyrics speak volumes for me.
A Warrior’s Call by Volbeat - This is the ultimate song. If this doesn’t get me pumped, I don’t know what will, haha.
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Volbeat - While I do love the original, there is something about this one that I love. Maybe it’s that guitar… ;)
Starlight by Weezer - A song that brings back some really great memories for me and helps to inspire me.
I’m Glad You Came by We Came As Romans - Another newer cover that speaks to me.
If You Leave by OMD - I’ve loved this song for years and for years it’s brought back good memories. When good things are on my mind, the writing juices flow much better.
Why Part II by Collective Soul - Another one, that, though I have no real reason, it speaks to me.
So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold - This one makes me think of my friend who was killed. Perfect since this was written for Rev, their drummer who passed too soon. Syn’s guitar solo moves to goose bumps and tears. This one, speaks louder than any of my words could ever. I don’t just hear this song…I feel it…and, that is the most amazing feeling ever.
Enemies by Shinedown - This one is so great for any character that I don’t like, haha!
Wait For Me by Theory Of A Deadman - My husband is deployed and this makes me think of him. I’m waiting. I think this song was written for us military families. If not, they hit the nail on the head.
I’m Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO - Because a time or two ago I weighed over 300 pounds. I’ve lost about 180 pounds (I lost a Backstreet Boy, haha!) and this song just makes me feel good. Again, when I feel good, creative juices really flow.
Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas - An all time favorite.
Don’t Stop Believing by Journey - Another al time favorite.
Take Me Home Tonight by Hinder - I wasn’t a fan of Hinder until this song. And…WOW.
Hotel California by The Eagles - Come on….do I need to put a reason here? Haha.
Heartache Tonight by The Eagles - Another top favorite. 

~The Shoe Soundtrack~

Trista could you please share the soundtrack to The Shoe for your guests:
How Cinderella and Prince Charming Rock Out
The Shoe, book II in my Believe series is without a doubt a clever little spin in Cinderella. While I did make the decision to keep some things traditional to the Cinderella story…I had to make a lot of changes. One huge one being…Prince Charming is Rock Royalty…meaning, he is one of the world’s BIGGEST rock stars. When it came to the soundtrack…I knew it had to rock. And, I have the perfect soundtrack that makes The Shoe rock.
“Hungry Eyes” by New Found Glory - All right, I’ve loved the song since the 80’s. Who doesn’t recognize this song and what movie it’s from? But, I couldn’t use the original because it just didn’t fit Blair and Hunter. He’s the front man for a huge rock band…it had to be harder than that. Enter New Found Glory and I have the main theme of The Shoe. This song screams Blair and Hunter and every time it plays, I imagine Hunter and his band performing it.
“Listen to Your Heart (slow)” by DHT OR “Listen to Your Heart” by Roxette - This song, over all, is very powerful with a deep meaning. There’s more than one occasion in the book, where in true Cinderella fashion, Blair had to be reminded to listen to her heart. “Listen to you heart…before…you tell him goodbye.” When you read The Shoe, you will know the part that this applies to the minute that you read it.
“High on You” by Survivor - “Such complete intoxication…I’M HIGH ON YOU!” I know this is very 80’s but when I hear this…it just screams Hunter and I imagine he and his band rocking this song hard. Every single word of this song applies to my gorgeous Prince of Rock, Hunter.
“If You Leave” by OMD - I don’t know why but when I heard this all I could think of was Hunter and Blair. For some reason there’s an unknown connection with this song. Read The Shoe…tell me what you think.
“The Glory of Love” by New Found Glory - Another song that I just could not go with the original. For my Prince of Rock, it had to rock. The song is perfect and enter again New Found Glory to have a hard version of a love song that fits Hunter and Blair so well. Just imagine Hunter…one stage…backed by Richie, Ty and Sean…sweating from the lights.
“Take Me Home Tonight” by Hinder - Another one that I needed the cover. Hinder steps in this time with a version of take me home tonight that nearly made me drool while thinking about Hunter performing this. Not only that…the important part is just how much it applies to Blair and Hunter.
“Don’t Stop BELIEVING” by Flight 409 - I adore Journey. I mean, I ADORE Journey and this song…“Don’t Stop BELIEVING“…how perfect is that for a book in the BELIEVE series? But, again, it had to be harder…I needed that loud guitar with that rock star voice. Enter Flight 409 and “Don’t Stop BELIEVING” is more than perfect for The Shoe.
“Just The Way You Are” by Pierce the Veil - When I hear this song…I imagine Hunter singing this to Blair. The lyrics are perfect, the sound is what I needed and it’s a perfect fit for my Cinderella and her rock star Prince Charming.
“I BELIEVE In a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness - Notice how the songs that stick out the most right now not only tell you to BELIEVE but they rock. “I BELIEVE In A Thing Called Love” is more than perfect…it’s Cinderella…and if there was one thing that Cinderella taught me, it was to BELIEVE in love!
“No Matter What” by Def Leppard - I suppose the original could apply but for some reason when this song popped in my head, I really bounced back and forth. The lyrics apply to Blair and Hunter…”no matter what you are…” I won’t spoil it, but read The Shoe and you’ll know exactly why this song is here. When it came down to it…Def Leppard won.